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SaleSleeve® Elite is a new paper technology that exceeds all FTC Requirements for Window Stickers saving money and time for dealers and lot services companies nationwide.

Failure to display FTC documents properly can result in lawsuits, or possibly a loss of sales. We have created the best solution to this problem.

SaleSleeve Elite is a patent pending adhesive free printable synthetic paper used to display Equipment List/Sales Documents and Buyer’s Guides on vehicles; ensuring dealerships meet FTC compliance regulations.

Once affixed to the window, a SaleSleeve® does not need to be removed during vehicle transportation, or use of window functionality. 


What makes SaleSleeve Elite different from similar products is that the Elite is a synthetic paper, that is the only exterior label available to the market that can be printed on with Inkjet or laser printers and can also be written on with a pen without smearing.


SaleSleeve Elite adheres to windows without using any adhesive, which means no glue residue is left behind when the window stickers are removed saving you money in PDI. The Elite, patent-pending, stickers are also designed not to fade, peel at the corners, or fall off and can be removed for test drives and reapplied without any issues.

Simply put, this is the solution the auto industry has needed to answer the challenge of properly displaying sales documents in a functional, cost-effective way. 

We at SaleSleeve® are proud of our product and we are happy to assist anyone in the industry tackle this ongoing problem and improve their bottom line. 

The difference is clear.







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