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Lot Manager, OBX Chevrolet, Buick, GMC
Kitty Hawk, NC

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the past few years working with SaleSleeve has been a pure pleasure.

Getting an entire dealership lot compliant with state and federal regulations and making it look good has always been a challenge but the product that you have designed has taken care of both of these concerns.

Creating Buyers Guides and window stickers are now as simple as printing a document on your computer and the application of these documents to the vehicle windows is as easy as peel and stick.

I admit that I was hesitant when you said you were creating a document that could be applied to the outside of the window, that could withstand the elements, stay securely in place, and best of all be removed with no adhesive residue. Well, you have delivered that product with flying colors and I look forward to recommending SaleSleeve to anyone who will listen.

Well done!

CEO Auto Architech
Baltimore, MD

I've been in business over 25 years. These are by far the best exterior labels we've ever come across. I love how you can print on them using any printer, laser or inkjet and they leave no adhesive on the windows!

Great product, guys!



Davis Auto Sales
Richmond, VA

Davis Auto Sales is a family owned and operated business and has been in business over 40 years. We have been producing our own windows stickers now for over 30 years back to the typewriter days and have used everything from scotch tape, laminate, hanging plastic sleeves, self adhesive paper, you name it. Our struggle has always been in our fast pace business we would always leave residue, tear window tint, or they would get removed from the vehicle all together and lost. As years have gone on now most all windows seam to be tinted and even being able to see them became another struggle both physically and legally.

    Being as we are a two time state Quality dealer as well as National Quality dealer and being NIADA Certified Master dealers we are held to a bit higher standards then most dealers across the country. We realize when most don't that not only are Window displays are a legal matter being as the Warranty / AS-IS buyers guide is a must to be there, but also we wanted our customers to see the window information sticker as well at all times. This new system is by far the best system we have ever used and will for sure be the end all of needs for clearly displaying Buyers guides, Pricing window stickers etc. Thanks for the great product you have a customer for life.

General Manager,​ Sanders Ford
Jacksonville, NC

We recently implemented SaleSleeves into our new and used car dealerships and absolutely love the product. Having to deal with torn, or lost window stickers is now in our rearview. The sleeve is easy to install, fits perfectly and our sales staff doesn't have to remove the Monroney labels when they do test drives. This product is an effective solution to a common problem that every dealer faces. 

Thanks guys.

Sales Manager, Ferrari
Austin, TX

Just wanted to let you know we love your sleeves! They make the cars look clean and our lives much easier! Keep up the great work and good luck!

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